Riga City Flowers

Projekt: Urban desing för utveckoling av en ny stadsdel i Riga, lettland
Samarbete med: Urban Mark,Estland,
Burkhard Wand Lichtplanung, Tyskland, och K-Projekt, Estland
Beställare: Collers International, Riga
År: 2007

Riga City Flowers.
Urban design concept - Connections.

A living and vibrant neighborhood is depending on an activated and well integrated public space. To integrate an area into an existing context the structures and flows of the surrounding city might be used. When studying the site and its relations to the existing city of Riga we have found different important points and structures to connect. The area can be linked to its surroundings both by the urban structure with streets, roads and viewpoints but also by connecting to the green structure of the city.

Green public space.

The urban green space in the area connects to the green structure of the city of Riga. It contains different activities to attract different groups of people to the park. The Urban green spaces are joined together by a activity srip made out of rubber. This is meant to be the fast track through the park for bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades. The urban green space will stand in contrast to the urban hard space. Its undulating surface and soft character is enclosed by blocks giving it a protected but well integrated position in the area. The park is divided into different areas that take care of different programs and functions in the park. In the south and middle part of the area the urban green space has more classical park programs included. This includes a stage for summer theatre or winter skating and a rose garden. The further up you go in the park the more activities are added: playgrounds, football field and basketball fields.

Urban public space.

The urban public places have good access to the surrounding city fabric. The different connections are developed into urban entrance plazas or squares with different programs and functions.
1. The west entrance square: The bus- and tram station give easy access to the northwest part of the site at Pulkvieza street. The main entrance to the shopping center is therefore located in this area. Small urban squares or pocket parks for resting and contemplating.
2. The south entrance square: The crossing of Pulkvieza and Hanzas street is the main pedestrian access to the area. The urban plazas with stone pavement, ponds, trees, furniture and outdoor cafés make a perfect setting for small shops and boutiques. The old historical building remains and will become a central eye catcher on the plaza.
3. Pedestrian walkway: An urban forest connects the southeast corner into the central parts of the area. Small landscapes are built up along the walkway to give a natural and soft impression.
4. The east entrance square: Here you will get direct access to the sports and leisure activities in the area which are located in the upper part of the site. The square is made out of running track rubber. The white lines in the rubber divides the paving into different zones for furniture, bicycling, running and relaxing.
5. Boulevard: The ring road will be emphasized by trees on both sides of the sidewalk.